Be Beautifully Vibrant and Authentic

and Find The One

Rachael Blackmore

Introducing The Finding Mr Darcy Programme

This programme has been fuelled by my genuine desire to impart the knowledge I have gained through my professional training as a therapist; my extensive reading; and my years of experience, to empower you to see and understand yourself differently, and transform your life. It is not one of those gimmicky things where I 'teach' you how to flirt; or give you a list of phrases you need to use to 'drive him wild' and all the other BS people out there are peddling.  


There are no other courses out there that do what I do, I guarantee it. No one else has the same focus or depth in what they show you. No other course will teach you so much about yourself both through theory and experiential activities, as well as building your resilience, confidence and the belief that you can find real love.


I guess you find yourself here because you have decided that enough is enough. You have been looking for the right man for too long now and you are determined that something must change.


I wonder if you can relate to any of these…


  • You are fed up of feeling like there’s something wrong with you.

Sometimes it feels as though all your friends are settled and happy, and you can’t understand why it hasn’t happened for you too. You begin to wonder if there’s something wrong with you; your heart sinks when asked the dreaded question, “How come you’ve never married?”

  • You're craving someone to share those special moments with you, or just look after you when you are feeling ill or down.

We’ve all been there. We come home from work after a really bad day, or feeling like death warmed up, and all we need is a cuddle and a bit of TLC. But there’s no one to do that, so it seems your only option is an early night with tissues and a lemsip.

  • You are sick to death of feeling like the only person without a plus one at weddings and celebrations.

Yep. You are invited to yet another celebration and would love to have a name to replace that ‘plus one’. You don’t want to sit with people you don’t know and sit out the slow dances, and you are starting to feel as though you don't even want to go to weddings anymore.

  • You worry that it’ll never happen for you and that you’ll be alone forever.

Although this sounds dramatic, I know there are low days when you just feel as though time is passing you by and you can’t ever imagine it happening. It’s a scary thought, so I’m sorry to mention this one, but I know that for many single people it’s their biggest fear.



I get it - which is why I created:

'Finding Mr Darcy '

How to be ready to attract The One in 8 weeks, even if you've started to feel it’ll never happen for you…

Does this sound like you...?


You so badly want to stop feeling envious (or dare you admit - even jealous?) of everyone around you who appears to have met The One.

(But when you think about it, you have no idea if people are actually in the relationship you imagine them to be. It’s better to be single for now and meet Mr Perfect-For-You than it is to be with someone who is just ‘alright’)


You just want to know for sure that it’s going to happen for you; you want to feel totally assured that you are loveable and attractive and perfect for whoever it is out there waiting for you.

(Because let me tell you – he is out there waiting for you. I know it. Belief is a powerful thing)


You long to feel loved unconditionally, knowing that he will always be there for you, and that you’re his priority and the light of his life.

(How amazing it feels to have someone who is your most important person, who sees you as their most important person too. Don’t get me wrong, friends are great and will always be there for you, but to be someone’s whole world is just unsurpassed)


You can’t wait to wake up on a Sunday morning and share a coffee and croissants with him before spending the day doing something you both love.

(Ahhh Sunday mornings in bed, sun shining through the curtains, with him by your side. I’m smiling just writing this)


You need someone special to sit and do nothing with, to talk about trivialities with, spending cosy winter evenings snuggled up together, and warm summer evenings drinking wine in the garden.

(It’s all very well wanting someone to accompany you to weddings, Christmas parties and so on – but we all need someone to just do ‘nothing’ with. Just to be there, by your side, to make the mundane – well – not so mundane. Just to be your other half.)

I imagine you’re wondering why this hasn’t happened for you yet. Do any of these sound familiar…?


You tell yourself you ‘Just haven’t met the right person.’


(But maybe secretly wonder if perhaps you’ve never actually been the right person?)


You are starting to feel like men are only interested in one thing.


(But have started to consider the possibility that, for some inexplicable reason, you have been choosing men who are only after on thing?)


You have become increasingly less interested in dating because you are becoming more fearful of rejection.


(But now you think of it, maybe you reject them in subtle ways, rather than the other way around?)


Your confidence and self-esteem is ebbing away, and you’re beginning to fear you’ll never meet him.


(But how has it been historically? Have you ever had much confidence in yourself or your relationships? Has anything changed?)


You find fault with every man you meet – no one seems to meet your exacting standards.


(Hmm – so you really thought you’d met ‘The One’… until he turned up to your date in Cowboy Boots?)


It just seems like it’s probably your destiny to be alone?


(It is NO-ONE’S fate to be alone. Stop telling yourself this story immediately. From this moment on you must never think this ever again, okay?)


So, here’s a taste of what can happen as a result of taking this course…


Can You Imagine…


  • Getting rid of your negative thought patterns and barriers to love so that you can become ready to manifest the relationship you desire with Mr Right;


  • Putting your past behind you, to free up your mind and create positive energy for your future love life;


  • Realising your true value, worthiness and capacity to love and be loved – and transform how you experience all your relationships (including friends and family);


  • Understanding that your disappointing experiences in love have been partly created by you, rather than just happening to you;


  • Awakening your awareness of the control you have over creating an extraordinary future of happiness in love;


  • Seeing clearly how your unconscious beliefs about yourself and the world have been unintentionally sabotaging your relationships – and discovering how to change them;


  • Developing a true love and respect for yourself as the necessary foundation for loving, and being loved by, another.


I’m telling you that this is ALL possible – I promise.



Are you ready to find out how your life can change too…?


Welcome to Finding Mr Darcy

By embarking on this unique course you will be taking the leap into your new future, a future where you:


•   Have a deeper, clearer understanding of what makes you so wonderfully you;


•   Recognise unhelpful patterns that you seem to perpetuate in relationships;


•   Develop an enlightened understanding of how you relate to others and why you behave the way you do in relationships;


•   Are able to love, accept and respect yourself for your unique qualities;


•   Will have clearer boundaries;


•   Will have a very clear picture of what you want and need in a partner and why;


•   Find yourself able to focus on what you deserve rather than believing you ought to just ‘settle’;


•   Have a much better understanding and acceptance of other people and their ‘flaws’;


•   Will be ready to attract The One and manifest the life you’ve always dreamed of


Finding Mr Darcy is intended to be a highly transformative experience. Your learning will be both informational and experiential, so you will begin to understand things about yourself and how you show up in life in profoundly deep and empowering ways.


There’s more to this programme than just theory. It's what I believe to be just the right mix of theory and practical elements you can use to begin your self-transformation without too much ado.


Each of the 8 modules will ensure you develop a deeper understanding of how you have unintentionally co-created disappointing relationships, and use this understanding to empower you to do things differently from now on.

But most importantly, you will learn that you can create a deeply satisfying, wonderful union with your perfect match…

So how do you put a price on love?

 Well, quite frankly, you can’t. But here’s what I can tell you:


  • It has cost me well in excess of £20,000 to accumulate the knowledge and skills I have to date in qualifications, training courses, coaching, books and workshops. I have been able to synthesise all this information into manageable modules so that you can learn the bits that I feel are more beneficial to you.

  •  You can expect to pay around £1000 - £12,000 a year to join the more prestigious dating sites, and even then be left disappointed. And perhaps these sites aren’t doing anything for you – if you aren’t emotionally available it’s all a bit futile.


  • You could educate yourself by attending various courses and reading various books – and why not? But it will take you a good 12 months minimum, and who knows how much it will all cost? I’d hazard a guess at around £500 and that’s only if you take the basic ‘beginners’ courses with little depth and substance.



At the end of the 8 modules, you’ll understand exactly how you have unwittingly been the source of your disappointing experiences with love, and be empowered to create the most vibrant and authentic version of yourself and be ready to receive the loving relationship you deserve. 


I’m proud of what I have developed for you and I am sincere in my desire to make your life the best it can be.



So what will it cost you?


As you have seen, the investment for the full programme with 8 sessions of 1-1 coaching with me is £1549.


If you would like to work alone and are happy to simply complete the modules without my support the investment is £749 (just pop back to my website to buy the Online Only course there!)


But more importantly, ask yourself this - What will it cost you to do nothing and stay exactly as you are…?



So, if you’re ready to uncover the ways you have unknowingly been sabotaging your love life and release them forever so that you can finally find your perfect match...You are in the right place.




I'm so looking forward to getting to know you.


With warmest wishes,


Rachael x




P.S. In case you're one of those people who just skip to the end of the letter, here's the deal:


I'm offering you a programme that allows you to:


    •   Have a clearer understanding of what makes you so wonderfully,     

        uniquely you;


•   Recognise unhelpful behaviours that have had a negative impact on       

    your relationships;


•   Gain a very clear picture of what you want and need in a partner and why;


•   Begin to focus on what you deserve rather than believing you ought to    

     just ‘settle’;


•   Become ready to attract The One and manifest the wonderful life you’ve 

    always dreamed of.


As you have seen, the investment for the full programme with 8 sessions of 1-1 coaching with me is £1549.


If you would like to work alone and are happy to simply complete the modules without my support the investment is £749 (just pop back to my website to buy the Online Only course there!)


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